Brew Works Releasing 17% Stout Today

Allentown Brew Works is releasing a massive 17%ABV imperial coffee stout today.  Formerly branded as Delusional, the beer has been aged for over a year.  Brewed with 160lbs of organic coffee, molasses, and vanilla, the brew will be available in small quantities in 12oz bottles ($10 each, 30 cases are being released, and most sold through a pre-sale) and on draft today at 5pm. 

Brewmaster Beau Baden said of the beer, “We wanted to make something ridiculously extreme, with a coffee theme, to push our boundaries, to make the biggest, strongest beer we’ve ever done.”  The beer was created with 400lbs of brown sugar and chocolate, roasted barley, and caramel malts.  We had a bottle a few months ago and it was still fairly boozy, so time in the cellar probably mellowed it quite a bit. 

Stop on by Allentown Brew Works today for a draft pour and a bottle of, if not *the*, strongest beers ever brewed in the Lehigh Valley.


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