County Seat Spirits Releasing Hijinx Beer-based Whiskey


This weekend the crew over at County Seat Spirits are releasing a collaboration whiskey with Hijinx Brewing Company. The distillery took Hijinx’s Steal Your Face Stout, a favorite of ours by them, and distilled it into whiskey, then aged it for fourteen months.  We had the white (unaged) version of this whiskey, and while ‘white lightning’ isn’t our thing, it already showed fantastic depth and complexity.  It’ll be interesting to see what 14 months gave the character on this one.

The whiskey, which comes in at 91 proof, will be available starting at noon this Saturday, February 18th.  The distillery will have 375ml bottles for $23 and 750ml bottles for $40.  The distillery will also be releasing an extremely limited version of the whiskey in cask proof (132 proof). There’s only 10 of these 375ml bottles and they run for $35 each.

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