The Farmhouse Closed for Renovations

The Farmhouse in Emmaus closed a few days ago for renovations, hoping to open back up in the summer.  There’s also some big personnel changes at the restaurant: Michelle Quier, who started Granny Schmidt’s Bakery in the barn adjecent to the restaurant and later took on co-ownership of The Farmhouse, is leaving.  She will be focusing her attention fully on her bakery, which moved to Whitehall last year.  The Hayloft, which opened in the building adjacent to The Farmhouse last year, also appears to be shuttered. 

Also leaving will be Chef Javan Small, who is taking a position at the 3rd & Ferry St Oyster House in Easton, a project being headed up by Michael Pichetto, the chef and owner of Vintage Bar and Restaurant in Easton. 


  1. PennState

    January 9, 2013 6:36 pm,

    Ahhh I called this one several months ago, this place was steadily going downhill. Michelle is one of the worst restuarant managers I’ve ever seen, so with her gone maybe the place stands a chance of coming back. They need to get the “original” staff there from about 10 years ago, that place was awesome then.

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